Burning Earth: Climate Wars Available Now on Amazon

Finally! It seemed like a long wait, but my first novel is now available for sale on Amazon. For all those who put in a pre-order for the e-book, you can now download the book to your Kindle app or device. Thanks for ordering by the way; it’s much appreciated. For anyone who prefers aContinue reading “Burning Earth: Climate Wars Available Now on Amazon”

Chapter 1 of Burning Earth: Climate Wars

Burning Earth: Climate Wars is now available on Amazon, and you can buy the book HERE, but for anyone who would like to read some of the novel before buying, you can read through the first three chapters on the site, starting with Chapter One, below. Chapter One The Old Man of Alhambra “It isContinue reading “Chapter 1 of Burning Earth: Climate Wars”

The Future We Choose Shows How to Combat Climate Change

I just read an article in the Guardian about the new book by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac called ‘The Future We Choose’, and while all I’ve been able to read so far is a short excerpt, I’m already hooked. In fact, I’ve ordered the advance copy from Amazon to get it on the firstContinue reading “The Future We Choose Shows How to Combat Climate Change”