New Title, Cover, for First Burning Earth Novel

A big update on the release of my upcoming novel, Burning Earth: Climate Wars.

We’re now running through the final edits for my first novel, and also the first in the Burning Earth series, with a planned five novel story arc.

And along the way, we’ve made some big changes, including to the title of the book and the cover design.

The original working title was ‘The All-Inclusive Resort at the End of the World’, a whimsical reference to one of the main locations in the book; a resort where a last-ditch peace summit is being hosted to ward off the possibility of a global nuclear conflict.

But as the book evolved it was felt that title didn’t properly reflect the plot … and it’s really long! The title Climate Wars was much more on point, as the novel really explores the geopolitical conflicts that erupt due to conditions brought on by climate change, including desertification, droughts, famine, and inundation of cities and regions by rising sea levels.

The original cover art concept was also changed from early designs, and designer Stephanie settled on the design you see in the photo, which clearly shows the ‘Burning Earth’ image, combined with main characters Simone Gray and Jamie Grant faced with an oncoming military force. Given the story has more explosions than a Michael Bay movie, I think the cover really reflects the intense in the novel.

We’re still on track for a March 15 release on Amazon, and will be opening up for pre-orders around the beginning of the month.

  • Gary Symons, Author.

Published by Gary Symons

Gary Symons is a former investigative journalist, and currently an entrepreneur working in the Clean Tech industry. He is also an author, having recently completed his first novel Burning Earth: Climate Wars.

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