Burning Earth: Climate Wars Available Now on Amazon

Finally! It seemed like a long wait, but my first novel is now available for sale on Amazon. For all those who put in a pre-order for the e-book, you can now download the book to your Kindle app or device. Thanks for ordering by the way; it’s much appreciated.

For anyone who prefers a physical book, or hasn’t ordered the e-book yet, you can find the book by clicking HERE or going to this URL: https://www.amazon.com/Burning-Earth-Climate-Gary-Symons-ebook/dp/B085453R53/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=burning+earth%3A+climate+wars&qid=1584288899&sr=8-1

If you haven’t heard of the book yet, Burning Earth is a Sci Fi novel set in the year 2101, after climate change has left great swaths of the world in ruins. Entire regions are under water; others suffer droughts and famine, or are transformed into uninhabitable deserts.

Against this backdrop of runaway global warming, nations battle for increasingly scarce resources. In this novel, first of a five novel story arc, hotter countries that have suffered more damage conspired to invade and occupy their cooler, more prosperous neighbours with a goal of acquiring arable land and precious water resources.

Two reporters from Scotland and Canada uncover the plot, and race to halt a rapidly brewing global that threatens not only to kill millions of people, but perhaps to end all life on Earth.

What makes the novel more chilling is that it is based very precisely on the current research by scientists with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which made various projections of what the world will look like, depending upon how humanity responds to the threat of climate change. Among other things, the IPCC predicts that if rising nationalism, populism and isolationism prevent cooperation between governments, then the worst case scenario of more than four degrees Celsius of global warming will occur, and the world described in Burning Earth will become a reality.

Large parts of Florida, and Louisiana would be submerged beneath the sea. The Central Valley of California would be hammered by drought and become unable to supply America with half of its produce. The Great Plains would periodically become a dustbowl, and famine would return to the United States.

While countries like Canada, Russia, Greenland and Scandinavia would see more land come available for agriculture, other countries would suffer a similar fate to the US. The IPCC predicts southern Spain would become a desert and largely uninhabitable. Most of southern Vietnam would be lost to the sea, as well as several regions in southern China. Australia would be devastated by fire and desertification, the Great Barrier Reef completely destroyed, and many parts of the country no longer livable for human beings.

The equatorial belt would, of course, be hardest hit, with temperatures rising so high during the daytime that even a healthy adult would die within hours. In short, the entire equatorial region could become uninhabitable by human beings, meaning most of the Muslim world could disappear forever; Israelis would experience a new diaspora, Central Africa would cease to exist, and the jungles of South America would go up in flames.

In the world of 2101 there are literally hundreds of millions of refugees roaming the world, being turned away from the northern and southern nations that fear their own resources will be overwhelmed … and of course, that touches off the conflict for resources that underpins the novel.

While that sounds pretty bleak, and it is, the novel focuses on the people at the centre of the action; the diplomats working to preserve the peace, the world leaders making life and death decisions for millions of people, and particularly the two reporters who fight for the truth and for the future of what is left of humanity.

Published by Gary Symons

Gary Symons is a former investigative journalist, and currently an entrepreneur working in the Clean Tech industry. He is also an author, having recently completed his first novel Burning Earth: Climate Wars.

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