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Burning Earth: Climate Wars

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Climate Wars follows the story of reporters, diplomats, and politicians trying desperately to forestall a nuclear war, brought on by runaway global warming.

In the future Earth of Climate Wars, rising nationalism and regional wars have hampered the world’s attempt to rein in the accelerating impacts of global warming. By 2101 the planet has warmed by 4 degrees Celsius, creating a ‘Burning Earth’ scenario.

The seas have risen by over two metres, burying cities and entire regions below the ocean waves. Desertification and extreme heat have made wide swaths of the equatorial belt largely uninhabitable, touching off deadly famines and pandemics that kill billions of people, and create billions of climate refugees. 

Against the backdrop of destruction, world governments in the hotter regions go to war over land and water resources with those nations lucky enough to be located in cooler climate zones.

About the Author

I always considered myself a writer, and in fact, I got my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, with a minor in Political Science … but it’s only now I’ve completed my first novel, a mere three decades later. The inspiration came from the research I’d been doing on climate change, and the more I learned, the more concerned I became. Finally, I decided the only practical way I could affect change was to write about the topic in novel form, and try to bring home the extent of the coming crisis in a way that people can easily identify with at a human level.

I spent most of my life as an investigative reporter, working at various newspapers for 15 years, and the final nine years of my journalism career at CBC News. Today I work at a CleanTech firm in Canada, and in that sense I’m also working to help reverse the impact of climate change in my own small way.