I have a $4 favour to ask of you ….

You may have seen I recently published my first novel Burning Earth: Climate Wars for pre-order on Amazon, which you can FIND AT THIS LINK. Yesterday I was blown away to find out my book hit #76 on the Amazon Best Seller List for High Tech Fiction. Apparently, a lot of people hit the wrong button.

My head immediately swelled to three times its already inflated size, and I thought, hey, why not Top Ten?

So, I have a teeny tiny favour to ask. It’ll cost you $3.95 Cdn plus tax in Canada, or $2.99 USD if you go through Amazon.ca.

I am brazenly, and only somewhat ashamedly, asking you to shell out cold hard digital currency for my book, on pre-order. I have the crazy idea that if friends, family, and the morbidly curious decide to do this, my little underdog of a post-apocalyptic novel could hit the Top Ten.

How many people would that take?

The number 10 book as of this writing is ‘Ready Player One’, which is actually a very good book. However, I would also point out that both my mother and my wife think my book is much better than Ready Player One. (No offence, Ernest Cline, it’s just the truth).

I cleverly copied the Amazon Best Seller Ranking of Ready Player One, which was number 1,863 out of all the books on the store, and entered it into an online calculator by TCK Publishing, which tells me Ready Player One probably sold about 119 books in one day. It’s on the internet, so it must be true.

So, to crack the Top 10 in my category, I would have to sell more than 119 books in a day. Any day, doesn’t matter which one. I just want to get on the Top Ten for one frickin’ day in my entire life. Then I can die happy. But I won’t die (at least, not right away). No, I will go to the pub and become insufferable for a solid 24 hours.

I realize this is an ignoble cause, when you could give your money to a variety of worthwhile charities. I understand this is all about vanity and my own overly competitive nature. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be cool if we got that virtually unknown book to Number Ten?

Also, I would point out that in the end you will also have a spanking new ebook that you can read, or use to prop open a door, or as a coaster when you’re drinking a cold beverage. So, win-win.

All kidding aside, thanks to all of you who bought my book already. And please know, if you don’t buy the book, I won’t hunt you down at your home or place of employment. I’m bigger than that … and also very poor at directions.

((( Editor’s Note: Gary is new at this, and doesn’t really understand the nature of ebooks. To be clear, you cannot use an ebook to prop open a door, or use as a coaster. There are no refunds just because you don’t have a new coaster! )))

Published by Gary Symons

Gary Symons is a former investigative journalist, and currently an entrepreneur working in the Clean Tech industry. He is also an author, having recently completed his first novel Burning Earth: Climate Wars.

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