My Book Hit the Bestseller List!!!

A couple of days ago I submitted my first novel to Amazon as a pre-order for publication, and wasn’t really expecting anything to happen until the ebook is formally published and downloadable on March 15th.

But today I looked at the Amazon page so I could send a link to a friend of mine, and I was happily shocked to see that the novel is now #76 on the bestseller list for High Tech Fiction (which is also my favourite category to read). It’s also in the top 300 for Post-Apocalyptic fiction.

I’m honestly not quite sure how that happened. Was it just the awesome cover my wife Stephanie designed? Was it a combination of that and perhaps the increasing interest in fiction about climate change? Did a lot of people just hit the wrong button?

Now I’m just hoping that those brave souls who have plunked down $3.95 Canadian ($2.99 in the US) will really enjoy the book. So much pressure! It’s like the lousy golfer who just hit that incredible long drive … but will the ball fall in the lake?

It’s me … so probably. I also suck at golf.

But, if this reaches any of you have bought the book, please know I really appreciate your support of a first-time novelist. Whether the book stays in the bestseller lists is a completely different question, but it was tremendously exciting to see my novel in that list, right under Isaac Asimov yet! Is it possible I’m just hallucinating. Was there something weird in last night’s tacos?

Anyhow, I’m pretty keen on this best-selling writer thing, so let me just ask, brazenly and with only a modicum of shame: Go buy a copy of Burning Earth: Climate Wars! Tell all your friends and family! Rent a billboard or shout it from the rooftops!

Cuz yeah, I’m 76 now, and gunning for #1. James Corey better watch out, because we’re gonna knock Leviathan Wakes off the top shelf.

Also, in my dreams, I’m a really good golfer … but a guy can dream, right?

Published by Gary Symons

Gary Symons is a former investigative journalist, and currently an entrepreneur working in the Clean Tech industry. He is also an author, having recently completed his first novel Burning Earth: Climate Wars.

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